Emergency Disaster Response Toolkit


Emergency Disaster Response Toolkit
Preview: Emergency Disaster Response Toolkit

There is a nexus between natural disasters and increases in both labor and sex trafficking of displaced people and relief workers. The Mayor’s Office is proactively taking steps to mitigate the potential impact disasters have on human trafficking by developing a short- and long-term disaster response that can serve as a model for future disasters. Our response includes preventative direct outreach in disaster shelters and consular and corporate engagement long after the disaster. The materials included in the Toolkit were used by the Houston Mayor’s Office during Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.


This Toolkit includes research on post-Katrina labor trafficking cases, multi-lingual materials for direct outreach with displaced and vulnerable populations, customized messages to post on social media covering labor and sex trafficking, and Watch for Traffick signs for billboards and taxis that draw attention to the link between natural disasters and human trafficking.

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  1. What is Human Trafficking? PowerPoint Slide to Display in Shelter Settings (PDF and PPT)
  2. Excerpt from Shelter Newsletter on Vulnerability of Displaced People (PDF)
  3. “Cot Notes” – Emergency Disaster Response Palm Cards (PDF and InDesign) – 1st version: English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, and Hindi; 2nd version: English, French, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Tagalog, and Thai
  4. Social Media Messages (JPEG)
  5. Signs to Display on Taxis in English (PDF)
  6. 10.5’ x 22.8’ Outdoor Signs in English (PDF)
  7. 14’ x 48’ Outdoor Signs in English and Spanish (PDF)
  8. Post-Katrina Labor Trafficking Case Studies (PDF)
  9. Fact sheets, presentations, and recorded webinars for consular and corporate education highlighting risk management issues for businesses and exploitation risks to citizens of other countries resulting from recovery efforts available soon.
  10. Case Study on the Mayor’s Office response to Hurricane Harvey assessing areas for improvement also available soon.

If you encounter any issues viewing the social media JPEGs, please first extract the files from the zip file. To extract the files, right click on the zip file, and select “Extract All.” For additional assistance or questions, please contact us at info@humantraffickinghouston.org, and we will respond within two (2) business days.

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