The HACHT brings communities together to eradicate trafficking through partnerships with stakeholders working to prevent human trafficking and protect trafficking victims and prosecute traffickers.


Phase 1:

Expand Former Mayor Parker’s Task Force to include various community stakeholders and restructure the new Council according to the 4 P’s; Protection, Prosecution, Prevention and Partnerships.

Phase 2:

Apply systems thinking to the Human Trafficking field and coordinate services to better serve victims from intake to reintegration. Create and establish systems to track and provide services according to vulnerability that measure successful reintegration.

Phase 3:

Identify the root causes of Human Trafficking and work with organizations that provide services to vulnerable populations to reduce the likelihood of these groups being victimized in this manner.


The HACHT will be based on the 4P’s laid out in the United Nations Palermo Protocol, which was later modified by Hillary Clinton to add Partnerships as the 4th P;

  1. Prosecution
  2. Protection
  3. Prevention
  4. Partnerships


In January 2015, Former Mayor Parker approved a proposal to transform the Human Trafficking Task Force she formed in 2012 into the Houston Area Council on Human Trafficking. By including additional stakeholders and structuring the Council according to the 4P framework; the Council is using a community driven approach to address human trafficking in a systematic way.

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