This section provides resources to help victims and their families apply to the courts for protective order or PO to keep their abusers or the perpetrators away from them. A protective order or PO may order an abuser or perpetrator:

not to hurt, threaten, or harass you or your children, either directly or through another person;

to stay away from you, your family, your home, workplace, and your children’s day care or school; and

not to carry a gun, even with a license.


Provides free legal representation and other services to all victims of domestic violence, including protective orders with no charge.


Provides domestic violence and family law services to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking; including civil protection orders.

Center for Domestic Peace

Hotline that provides help to get a restraining order.

Daya Houston

Legal, intervention and financial assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Day One

Provides free and confidential counseling and case management, as well as legal advice, information, and direct representation to young people aged 24 and under related to dating abuse.

Domestic Shelters in Houston

This website provides information and location of domestic violence and abuse shelters in Houston.

Domestic Violence Action Center

Provides legal representation on a sliding scale fee to get a restraining order.

Express Filings

Online resource to assist with filing a restraining order. Not free.

Montgomery County Women’s Center

The Montgomery County Women’s Center provides a 24-hour hotline, safe shelter, crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy and legal services to survivors of family violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Office of Women’s Health

This site contains detailed information for getting a restraining order.

Website with links to resources and programs by state on violence against women.

Peace Over Violence

Through its Legal Advocacy Project, it provides free, comprehensive legal services for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors with legal issues in the areas of privacy, safety, immigration, and family law.

Protection Order

General information about protection orders and types of protection orders.

Texas Law Help

Provides general information about temporary orders and restricting orders. It provides links for legal help finder and for free legal clinics in Texas area.

Victim Connect

General information about protection orders. It provides assistance to find agencies that might be able to assist.

Women’s Law

This site contains legal information about restraining orders by state. It provides links and detailed information on procedures to get a restraining order.

This site provides a list of organizations that provide free or low-cost legal services to victims of abuse.