Warning Signs of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking occurs every day of the year, but its signs often go unnoticed. Learn how to spot human trafficking in its different forms by exploring the links below.

Know Before You Go

Know the difference between reputable businesses and those with signs of human trafficking by visiting our Know Before You Go page, which lists red flags for both nail salons and massage establishments.

Watch for Trafficking Sex Trafficking Sign
Sex Trafficking (in general)
Watch for Trafficking Traveling Sales Crews Sign
Labor Trafficking (within Traveling Sales Crews)
Watch for Trafficking Landscaping Industry Sign
Labor Trafficking (within the Landscaping Industry)
Watch for Trafficking Nail Salon Industry Sign
Labor Trafficking (within the Nail Salon Industry)
Watch for Trafficking Carnival Industry Sign
Labor Trafficking (within the Carnival Industry)
Watch for Trafficking Construction Industry Sign
Labor Trafficking (as Domestic Servitude)
Watch for Trafficking Domestic Servitude Sign
Labor Trafficking (within the Restaurant Industry)
As the Water Recedes, Labor Trafficking May Rise Sign
Labor Trafficking (within the Construction Industry)
Additional Forms of Human Trafficking

Sex Trafficking in Mexico

Trafficking of Children and Youth