The City of Houston, Mayor’s Office is dedicated to supporting local, national, and international organizations and agencies in the fight against human trafficking. The toolkits offered here are free and contain resources, tools, and information that can be easily adopted and used in your own campaigns and initiatives. The City of Houston hopes that the toolkits save you time, money, and ultimately allow you and your organization to fight human trafficking at an enhanced capacity.

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Preview: Emergency Disaster Response Toolkit


Emergency Disaster Response

There is a nexus between natural disasters and increases in both labor and sex trafficking of displaced people and relief workers. The Mayor’s Office is proactively taking steps to mitigate the potential impact disasters have on human trafficking by developing a short- and long-term disaster response that can serve as a model for future disasters. Our response includes preventative direct outreach in disaster shelters and consular and corporate engagement long after the disaster. The materials included in the Toolkit were used by the Houston Mayor’s Office during Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.

This Toolkit includes research on post-Katrina labor trafficking cases, multi-lingual materials for direct outreach with displaced and vulnerable populations, customized messages to post on social media covering labor and sex trafficking, and Watch for Traffick signs for billboards and taxis that draw attention to the link between natural disasters and human trafficking.

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Preview: Social Media Toolkit


Social Media Online Safety

Traffickers are known to entrap unsuspecting youths online via social media. Images and messages developed by the Mayor’s Office in collaboration with Love146 focus on encouraging safe online behavior by youths, highlighting strategies for identifying suspicious individuals, and empowering parents and caregivers with information on how they can protect the youth(s) in their lives. The City of Houston and Love146 purchased Facebook and Instagram ads for our target population: youths from 13-21 and adult caregivers from 35-55 for a 3-month period with 2 ads a week reaching over 2.7 million people in Houston and the greater Houston area. You can launch your own anti-luring social media campaign and reach both youth and parents/caregivers with tailored messaging on how to be safe while online by purchasing ads like we did or by using your own accounts and social media networks. Additional Toolkit materials will support individuals in developing a collaborative marketing plan and capturing campaign analytics.

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Preview: Massage Establishment Ordinance Toolkit

Massage-Ordinance-(redline-version)Illicit massage establishments can act as fronts for human trafficking. Despite this, law enforcement can be denied entry when seeking to investigate due to loopholes in municipal ordinances governing massage establishments.

This toolkit contains all the documents the Mayor’s Office used to work with stakeholders to close loopholes and make it easier for law enforcement to crack down on suspected sex traffickers. Use the resources, tools, and information in this toolkit to develop your own plan to amend ordinances in your city.



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Preview: Taxi Industry Initiative Toolkit

Human traffickers may rely on taxis for transportation, and taxi drivers may be the first person a victim meets once they are trafficked to a city. The potential for human trafficking can increase around special events, when the demand for taxi service is great. Included in this toolkit are templates for e-mail and text messages that can be sent by taxi services to its drivers to alert them about the warning signs of human trafficking. Both English- and Spanish-language versions are available.

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Preview: Palm-Sized Cards for Direct Outreach Toolkit

Direct outreach is an essential part of increasing victim identification. The palm-sized cards included in this toolkit may be distributed to victims, and the questions listed are tailored by the industry in which victims are forced to labor or sell sex, such as food establishments, cantinas, illicit massage establishments, and on the streets. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center’s hotline number is provided.

The cards have already been translated into 6 different languages, and the original, editable InDesign files are included, as well as detailed printing instructions. If you wish to modify the questions listed on each set of cards, the toolkit includes a comprehensive question bank developed by the City of Houston and its partners.

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Preview: Municipal Jail Sign Toolkit

Use this toolkit to reach out to victims of human trafficking who may pass through the criminal justice system. Included in this toolkit is a multi-lingual poster designed to be posted over jailhouse phone banks if individuals wish to call the National Human Trafficking hotline number to report a tip or to self-identify. PDF and the original InDesign versions are included.

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Preview: Watch for Traffick Media Campaign Toolkit

Human Trafficking PosterRaise awareness in your city about human trafficking and its different forms by using the Watch for Traffick Media Campaign Toolkit, which includes socially conscious advertisements developed by a professional public relations firm. The ads can be featured on billboards, in print, and on social media. A number of PSAs for TV and social media are also available.

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Preview: Task Force Toolkit


Establishing a community-driven anti-human trafficking task force is essential to facilitating inter-agency collaboration. NGOs and representatives from the city-, county-, or state-level can use the Task Force Toolkit to build their own task force from the ground up. Documents that are included will help organizations form a balanced task force and strategically recruit new members who can effect change at scale. The Toolkit focuses on community-driven task forces rather than those that conduct joint investigations, but materials address how to engage law enforcement in community-based initiatives.

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Preview: Super Bowl Information Packet

Page 9 of Super Bowl power point presentation

Use the information contained in this page to understand the City of Houston’s position on the issue of the Super Bowl and human trafficking. You can view a presentation given to the Houston City Council’s Public Safety Committee and read research that puts in context past claims about increases in human trafficking during the Super Bowl.

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