Use the information contained in this page to understand the City of Houston’s position on the issue of the Super Bowl and human trafficking. You can view a presentation given to the Houston City Council’s Public Safety Committee and read research that puts in context past claims about increases in human trafficking during the Super Bowl.

Presentation on the Super Bowl before Public Safety Committee, March 8th, 2016

View the presentation by fast forwarding to 28:42.


The City of Houston’s Strategic Plan is based on policy-level strategies to stop the daily occurrence of human trafficking. To execute the Plan, the City has a dedicated Special Advisor to the Mayor on Human Trafficking. Appointed in June 2015, the Special Advisor serves in the Office of the Mayor and is charged with executing the Plan’s long-term, systemic approach. The Mayor’s Office also coordinates the work of the Houston Area Council on Human Trafficking, a 42-member multi-disciplinary taskforce whose members are appointed by the Mayor.

The Special Advisor presented to the City Council’s Public Safety Committee on the Mayor’s Strategic Plan and, secondarily, on the City’s stance regarding past claims about increases in human trafficking during the Super Bowl. The presentation was framed, in part, by a recently-released study that put such claims in context.

What’s Included

  • PowerPoint  – “Super Bowl and Human Trafficking – Myth?” (PowerPoint and PDF)
  • PDF of “Do Public Events Affect Sex Trafficking Activity?” article by Carnegie Mellon researchers
  • PDF of Super Bowl LI List of Houston’s Long-Term Response Resources and Media Coverage
  • PDF of Redacted Large-Scale Events Protocols and Procedures Manual
  • PDF of Redacted Emergency Shelter Voucher
  • PDF of Post-Super Bowl LI Wrap-Up Report by HAC-HT