Raise awareness in your city about human trafficking and its different forms by using the Watch for Traffick Media Campaign Toolkit, which includes socially conscious advertisements developed by a professional public relations firm. The ads can be featured on billboards, in print, and on social media. A number of PSAs for TV and social media are also available. For direct outreach efforts, multi-lingual tri-fold cards, stickers, and flyers are included.

Human Trafficking Poster


Deutser, a Management Consulting company, donated all of the creative capital to develop the media campaign’s concepts. Watch for Traffick aims to raise awareness about human trafficking and its different forms and encourage the public to actively recognize and report suspected trafficking activity to the national hotline. Joining the City of Houston in the media campaign is United Against Human Trafficking, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, and the Houston Police Department.

The toolkit’s contents can be featured on television, radio, billboards, taxis, in print, and on social media. Additional materials are included to support general and victim outreach. To support your branding efforts, identifying logos in select materials have been removed (in ads designed for billboards, taxis, and buses), though other content is not otherwise alterable.


  1. Tri-Fold Cards (PDFs) – in English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Mandarin
  2. Stickers (PDFs) – in English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Mandarin
  3. Flyers (PDFs) – in English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Mandarin
  4. Print PSAs—All of the PSAs listed below are available as PDFs in four sizes and designed to be displayed on taxi cabs, buses, and on two different sizes of billboards.
    1. Sex Trafficking – Prostitution
    2. Sex Trafficking – Illicit Massage Establishments
    3. Labor Trafficking – Traveling Sales Crews
    4. Labor Trafficking – Construction
    5. Labor Trafficking – Landscaping
    6. Labor Trafficking – Domestic Servitude
    7. Labor Trafficking – Nail Salons
    8. Labor Trafficking – Restaurants
    9. Labor Trafficking – Carnivals
  5. PSAs for Television
  6. PSAs for Radio

Guidelines for Responsible Use

Use the Watch for Traffick Media Campaign Toolkit in a responsible fashion by following the below guidelines:

  1. The files you receive are not editable. This is to preserve the artistic concept behind the original Watch for Traffick media campaign.
  2. Know the already existing protocols and operating procedures in place in your area when someone calls the hotline — for example, what agencies and organizations, if any, are tapped to lead follow-up efforts.
  3. Work with your media campaign partners to develop a reporting system (i.e., how many taxis carried a specific sign through a specific neighborhood at a given date). Such a system will help you determine your campaign’s reach and the number of impressions created.
  4. Notify Polaris of the launch date for your campaign so that you can track any increase in tips reported and cases confirmed in your area.
  5. Consider integrating your media campaign within a comprehensive marketing plan that leverages multiple communication strategies (everything from televised PSAs to direct outreach efforts using flyers).